Examining the cycle of life and death, Be Still and Grow is a photography based, multimedia art project where the Mojave Desert’s Yucca brevifolia, commonly known as the Joshua tree, is the main point of inquiry. Using the concept of time as a key component in my artistic process, I incorporate large format photographic still imagery, time-lapse based video techniques, and site-specific sound recordings to create an all-encompassing body of work that solicits contemplation and warrants a cognitive yet visceral response from the audience.  

Precipitated by the climate crisis and overdevelopment of the Mojave landscape, Be Still and Grow originally started in 2015 as a response to witnessing the changes around my desert home. Over the past six years, my project has evolved from photographically documenting the destruction of western Joshua tree groves in Hesperia CA, to exploring artistic creations using repurposed natural materials, to its current and final stage; documenting the remaining geographical regions where large eastern Joshua tree forests are located.

Be Still and Grow