Centered around the Mojave desert’s endemic Joshua tree, my work documents the removal of a unique species for the building of new residential communities and businesses in and around my home of Hesperia, California. 

With permission from a construction site in 2015, I gathered and reclaimed organic material from a Joshua tree that had been removed from its natural habitat and was destined for refuse. Through my process, I incorporate original techniques to create genuine handmade Joshua tree paper. Once created, I adhere images taken of the remaining untouched landscape through a lift transfer process onto the handmade paper, making each piece a one of a kind print that is not only of the landscape, but essentially from the landscape.

In all, it is my hope that reclaiming organic materials to produce original photographic objects will extend the memory of the Joshua trees that have been prematurely exterminated.  By providing awareness for the Mojave’s endemic species, I am giving a voice to an already fragile desert ecosystem that continues to be threatened due to the encroachment of human habitation.

​Endemic Treasures